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Audrey Alexandra Brown is a British Actress, Screenwriter, Novelist, Editor, Journalist, Fashion Stylist and PR & Brand Consultant – “The Uk’s first multifaceted female Mogul.”

This is my story…

Born in Kingston, Jamaica in the 80′s I was surrounded by the richness of the culture. The ‘yardie’ life was infectious, even among the political upheaval, civil unrest and economic downturns, life was glorious.

My Grandfather was a leading figure in Jamaica and my fathers sisters, my aunts were the epitome of ‘Posh’ – they would stride the sidewalks of Patrick City in the basking sunshine with their umbrellas and heels, even just to visit the local food store. I clearly inherited their eloquence and love of being ‘posh’, as I too am never without my stilettos, even to the corner shop.

The food, the fashion, the music and the ‘patois’ was imprinted in my being forever. I left Jamaica aged six bound for the ‘promise land’ England. This blog is my ‘redemption song’, thus the ‘Brown’ legacy continues and here it is born: ‘Posh Yardie’

My first ‘Big Story’ was about the delectable Queen B Beyonce. At just 22 years old during the first year of my degree course, I stumbled upon a story from a contact, wrote it, approached Heat magazine, The Mirror and The New York Times. The Mirror offered me a five figure sum for the story. However, due to my high moral ground I declined the Mirror’s offer and the story has never been published.

As a Music, Fashion and Entertainment Journalist I have interviewed a vast array of celebrities from Trey Songz, Toni Braxton, Shontelle, Fat Joe, Errol Douglas and The Fugees to name a few. I have also worked at BBC Worldwide, Choice 107.1 FM and as an Entertainment Writer for the UK’s Lime magazine. As a Journalist, one of the perks of the job is meeting such celebrities and sometimes gaining insightful information or gossip that might not be published for various reasons. So as this is my blog, I will endeavour to bring you the juicy bits that the mainstream media might leave out.

I have worked with and alongside a variety of London’s best Fashion designers such as the lovely Hannah Marshall, Erdem, Peter Pilotto, Meadham Kirchhoff, Christopher Raeburn, Eun Jeong, Holly Fulton, Mary Katrantzou and Louise Gray. If you don’t already know about theses designers you soon will! Thus, having been around these designers and others over the years, including attending London Fashion Week ,various Catwalk shows and working in renowned establishments such as ICM Models, the London College of Fashion, Net-A-Porter.Com, London Denim, Issey Miyake and The Centre for fashion Enterprise – I have developed a keen eye for all things fabulous, on trend and fashionable. I will bring you a variety of fashion picks and bargains along the way to keep you looking fashionably fabulous, without leaving your purse fashionably empty!

Having worked in the entertainment industry for 10 years I have worked for a number of renowned fashion, music and film establishments such as: A Feature Writer at the BBC It’s Hot and Top of The Pops magazines, a Junior Agent at Independent Talent Group, formally known as ICM models, a Researcher at Choice 107.1 FM. As well as a Press Officer at London Denim, London College of Fashion and the Centre for Fashion Enterprise. I am also a professionally trained Actress, training with one of the UK’s best institutes; Identity Drama School – home to the likes of the UK and Hollywood star John Boyega, who is now signed to Will Smith’s agency in Los Angeles.

Also, a topic which always needs much deliberation and attention, sex. Yes, we all want it, more so when we’re not getting it, if we are getting it, we’re not sure we’re getting it right, or we’re totally abstaining from it -Whatever! I’ll grab the bull by the balls (no pun intended) and talk about it, help you with it (not literally, mind), rather direct you in the right direction, whether it be a book, a website or a man – Whatever!

So, here it is re-born: ‘Posh Yardie’- All a woman needs in life!

P.s – All opinions, views and articles are my very own and not representative of the companies or people featured – Any images posted are my own or are already ‘out there’ in the public domain. x


So, here it is re-born: ‘Posh Yardie’- All a woman needs to live her ‘best life’ as Oprah Winfrey would say.

All pictures uploaded are my own or if not, they already within the public domain.

Copyright © 2011 – 2012 Posh Yardie . All rights reserved. Do not use or reproduce without permission.


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