The Fashion – RubiRox

The Fashionable Luncheon with Hippie Nubi

On Saturday, Rita ( Hippie Nubi) and I met for a spot of lunch at Eat 17 in the picturesque Walthamstow Village. Upon greeting each other with a warm, tight hug, we strolled towards our destination in the mesmerising, and somewhat long overdue, British heatwave. Our outfits for the day complimented each other like a kaleidoscopic representation of Afrocentric British fashion. Ironically, we could have effortlessly swapped our accessories and shoes, yet still emit the essence of all that is stylishly fashionable.

Posh Yardie and Hippie Nubie Lunching at Eat 17

As we strolled, I noticed her yellow and blue African inspired, unique and delicate fabric earrings. Upon enquiring as to where I could get my little ‘Posh Yardie’ hands on them. I was astounded at Rita’s reply that they were indeed handmade, by her fair hands and available for immediate purchase at a mere £6. Cue, my fashion hysteria!

Now, I have known Rita and her passion for fashion and individual Nubian inspired style for many years, but did not know how of her creative design flair. So I just had to show the world that if you want fashionably accessories that compliment ones individuality and differ from the mainstream fashion conveyor belt. We simply must treasure and support designers such as Rita. For without them we would all be fashion clones that simply ‘Follow Fashion’ .

So if you do not wish to be a ‘Follow Fashion Monkey’ as you would be refered to in Jamaica, take heed and put your orders in now. Rita’s designs (as shown below) are available from RubiRox on Now, if you want your ‘swagger turned up’ click on the link below!

RubiRox Pink and Blue Fabric Hoop Earrings

RubiRox Blue/Pink/Yellow Oval Fabric Earrings

RubiRox Green, Blue and Gold African Print Bangles


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