The Lifestyle – ITV2’s The Exclusive’s

Earlier this year, in the latter part of January I came across an advert for a new TV show called, ‘The Exclusive’s’ via the IdeasTap website. ITV2, in cahoots with Bauer Media, the one’s behind magazine brands such as Heat and FHM were seeking budding ‘fearless and talented’ Journalists from professionals to rookies, for a new ‘Apprentice’ style ITV2 show.

Now, I rarely watch TV, but I am well versed about the programs shown on ITV2, such as the recurring themes of, ‘Shut uuup’ on ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, and the tongue in cheek, ‘Shitting’ of ‘Celeberity Juice’. Admittedly, I have reluctantly belly laughed through a few episodes of both programs, and others on ITV2, which are at times entertaining, to be fair, but also a gross form of ‘dumbing down’ TV. Personally, the only ‘dumbing’ I wish to entertain is the dumbfounded feeling of sorts that one gets from pondering the lack of clarity, laziness of program makers, and the audacity of producers to continue to regurgitate such programs for the stereotypical ‘simpletons’ among society. Aside from my personal discrepancies with mainstream media, I applied for the show, and in a snap shot, got short listed, auditioned, made it to the penultimate stage, but fell at the proverbial last hurdle.

Having watched the first episode which aired on May 17th during the primetime slot of 9pm, I witnessed my ‘blink and you might miss it’ appearance. Which, only served to reaffirm my preconceived ideas. Namely, the continual false representation of token caricatures of society that the ITV2 producers and the mainstream media overall continue to seek, perpetuate and epitomise to viewers. In my humble opinion, most importantly, I wonder what the impact and influence such ‘dumbing down’ will have on society overall, but especially the influence on future Journalists and the media as a collective of the ‘fourth estate’ of society.

So, yes, you guessed it, this was one hurdel I was happy to have been defeated by. However, I must commend the show for its editing techniques and highlighting my, ‘I was born to write’ comment as opposed to revealing my ‘Beyonce Exclusive’. Clever editing? or an avoidance of copywrite infringment? Click the link below and let me know what you think.

The Exclusive’s Chosen Six Contestants
From Left to Right: Felix, Sunny, Chris, Hayley, Stuart and Ellie.

ITV2: The Exclusive’s


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