The Music – Oprah Set To Interview Pop Siren Rhianna

The Legend Oprah Winfrey

The Rated R Sensation Rhianna

The legendary and most revered interviewer of all time, Oprah Winfrey will be interviewing the delectable pop sensation – Rhianna. Rhianna is the latest star in a line of big name stars such as Lady Gaga, Micheal Jackson’s daughter Paris, and of course the late and – personal Greatest Love of All – Whitney Houston –  to grace the stage with Oprah in a  sit down interview.

Rumors abound from sites such as Digital Spy report that Oprah will be taking the Man Down  approach with the Rated R singer, and will be deliberating over Rhianna’s recent health issues and relationship with Ex-boyfriend and Look At Me Now singer, Chris Brown. The interview is to be aired in the USA in August 2012.  I am certainly looking forward to this!

 Have a watch and a listen to Rhianna’s latest single – Fulljoy! x


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