The Lifestyle – East London’s Finest


I had the bitter-sweet pleasure of  tackling the lovely England football striker and acquaintance  Jermain Defoe for a quick shotBeing the star and gentleman that he is, he cheerily agreed,  in substitution for a Wrigley’s chewing gum. I ended up substituting two gums, one with jermain and the other, with his cousin who stood in as the photographer  –  On an ‘off ‘ side note,  his cousin is also a journalist making award-winning strikes within sports journalism – If you don’t already know his name – You soon will.

Back to the pitch – Never did I think  gum could be a good bargaining tool , so note to self and you too – when in a sticky situation – have your  gum at the ready to tackle  your way through successfully, take a shot, and bang – it’s a goal.

I also had a little catch up with British lyricist Kano , who I interviewed for Lime magazine back in October 2010 and fellow counterpart and actor Bashy  – who I will be talking to for The Jam section of Posh Yardie, about his lead role in the upcoming film The Man Inside.

The Fashion

For all the Fashionista’s eager to know – The dress I am wearing is from Asos – Was originally £140 – bought  on sale for a ridiculous £25 – That’s a fashionably game, set and match right?


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