The Music – Nice To Meet You Autobiography By Jessie J

Britain’s own vocal gymnast Jessie J revealed via Twitter yesterday that she is set to release an official autobiography called Nice To Meet You – in September, and yes you guessed it,  September 2012. The singer, songwriter tweeted: “My OFFICIAL autobiography is OUT in September and is called ‘Nice to meet you’ 😀 #exclusive #nicetomeetyoutour2013 AND #nicetomeetyoubook.”

The songstress and coach on the UK’s The Voice show,   has rightly garnered much success from her numerous chart hits and gigs. In the process, the starlet has amassed a vast number of  devoted ‘Heartbeat’  fans Worldwide.

The autobiography will  undoubtedly give her Heartbeats a deeper insight into the life of their Heartbeat and idol , which will surely cement and continue to propel Jessie towards her catalytic rise to ultimate stardom –  and a sure place in the music history books of the future.

Watch Jessie perform one of her number one hits – Domino – Full Joy x


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