The Jam – The Five Olympic Gold Girls

The Fantastic Five Girlfriends

Recently, my Olympic gold friends and I regrouped for a  girlie reunion on the Tereza Joanne boat, for a long over-due, rebellious rendezvous.  The last time, The Fabulous Five reunited was at ‘Lil Jada’s (second to left) wedding, 10 years ago.  Since then all of us have pursued our careers, some of us have procreate sooner than we thought, and yet, I hasten to add, we are thankful for the individual paths we have taken in our pursuit of happiness – those blessings – they glitter the value of  life. Whilst we have intertwined, intermittently in various combinations over the years – but rarely as a whole, as friends do over time, we have always kept in touch.

The day went swimmingly well, such is the outcome of reminiscent conversations, coloured by alcohol induced merriment, misdemeanours and many high-heeled top-deck teetering. So, if in London and you are planning a wedding, corporate event, party or some jet-skiing style, Formula One fun – Follow the likes of  Formula One Champions Daivid Coulthard or Britain’s very own Jenson Button or  Lewis Hamilton and sail over to the  Tereza Joanne boat for some top-deck frolics and lower deck soiree – In my opinion the Teresa Joanne deserves a gold medal – This is London’s very own Olympic gold.

Lil Jada with Formula One Champion Lewis Hamilton on the Teresa Joanne Boat

Posh Yardie on the Top Deck of the Tereza Joanne Boat

The Tereza Joanne Boat: Wedding Reception

Tereza Joanne Boat: Wedding Reception

The Exterior of The Teresa Joanne Boat


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