The Music – Addictive Girls Acapella Medley

As a very deep lover of  ‘true’ music, as in ‘true’ God-given talent – akin to the vocal diva’s like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Jessie J et al – Not so much the heavily radio  played, pop-R ‘n’ B, ‘studio-only – live cat screaming, pitchy singers’  – You know who they are. l thought no better way to celebrate  being able to post again via my laptop (with all Internet malfunctions overturned, thanks to Talk Talk) – With some REAL music.

Let me warmly introduce my wonderful viewers the world over to some friends of mine, and Britain’s BEST R’N’B VOCAL DUO – period. Be careful – you will get addicted to their voices: I present you with no other than, 2NV Records soulful and vocally exquisite – Addictive.

The beautiful Addictive girls Louise Bagan and Aisha Stuart

Here they are performing a recent acapella medley – Enjoy x

And just for good measure – Check out one of their songs, the Domino Effect both the video and the slowed down live acoustic performance below. For more videos and performances by Addictive, go over to Official Addictive TV via YouTube.  Britain’s definitely got talent outside of Britain’s Got Talent – Dear Simon, Posh Yardie ‘say’s‘, take note this is ‘Syco’ , and in the words of  Labrinth, ‘I predict an Earthquake up in here’ – To one and all – Full-Joy x


2 thoughts on “The Music – Addictive Girls Acapella Medley

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