The Music – Lianne La Havas Iconic Debut Album

Soulful Jazz Sensation – Lianne La Havas

There is nothing Britain likes to do more than champion its own (did you watch the Men’s Wimbledon Tennis Final? Enough said) and when a new soulful, jazzy English folk artist arrives on the scene, comparisons to Grammy Award winner Adele usually racket back and forth like a tennis ball as if  the 21 singer is the archetypal representation of British soul – So, is your musical heart big enough to welcome 22-year-old, South Londoner Lianne La Havas?  It sure is, as Miss La Havas will certainly set fire to dear ol Adele’s reign with the release of her ace début album, Is Your Love Big Enough?

Lianne La Havas Is Your Love Big Enough Debut Album

Released by Warner Brothers Records yesterday, the album is an epical showcase of La Havas as the female equivalent to the mellow, retro guitar playing,  genius that is Michael Kiwanuka or the musical sibling of  the late Nina Simone or Groove Theory’s Amel LarrieuxIs Your Love Big Enough is  a soulful,  jazz fuelled expedition that takes you  to a heavenly place  – Akin to the serenading sounds that continue to permeate the air of the modern jazz clubs that have lined the streets of New Orleans since the 1950s. I predict an icon in the making.

Have a listen to the full preview of the album below, and allow yourself to get carried away by the musical waves of this beautiful,  angelic  singer-songwriter and gifted multi-instrumentalist. Be ready to fall in love at first sound, in a very big way –  I already have.

Lianne La Havas W Magazine shoot

Lianne La Havas – Is You Love Big Enough Album Preview

Lianne La Havas performing at BBC 6Music Concert


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