The Music – Drop The Sugar The Babes Are Back

The Original Sugababes have regrouped as – MKS

The original, soulful pop sweeties – The Sugarbabes are back and dare not refer to them as ‘The Sugarbabes’ that name is now rightly and perhaps legally defunct – They simply are: Mutya/Keisha/Siobhan – MKS.   The original babes, Mutya Buena, Siobhan Donaghy and Keisha Buchanan finally announced their reunion via their twitter account  –  @MKSOfficial yesterday with a picture showing their new image (below) after rumours circulated that the girls had regrouped.  I heard it through the grapevine that the musical ‘magic’ in the girls harmonies is clearly still there as Siobhan told Pop Juice: “The minute we sang together, we looked at each other, and we knew. It just worked.”



Original Sugababe Keisha Buchcanan


Original Sugarbabe Siobhan

This is definitely a reunion set to come back bigger and better than the first time round  – The MKS girls look very sassy,  fierce and most importantly – happy. I am truely looking forward to hearing their new sound as if the new image is anything to go by – We are in for a delicious treat – I simply can not wait.

MKS – The Original Sugarbabes


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