The Music – Perfectly Imperfect Elle of A Voice

Elle Varner New Single I Don’t Care

It’s time to Refill  your thirst for real ‘old skool’ R&B – Remember the time when music made you feel, perharp’s during the 80’s & the 90’s? – Well meet the new, raspy yet soothing sounds of the R&B doll of 2012 – Elle Varner  – The 23-year-old who will surely make your musical cup runneth over.   Garielle ‘Elle’ Varner is the Los Angeles born singer-songwriter, who graduated from the New York University’s Clive Davies Department of Recorded Music in 2008 with the prestigious awards of,  “most likely to get signed” and ‘most likely to win a Grammy.”

With both Elle’s parents being established songwriters and publishers, she was destined to catch the music bug having toured and travelled with her parents on their musical endeavours  throughout her childhood. Such was her parents  influence on her musical ear, that by age  6, Elle was already playing the flute and playing the piano by age 9.

Signed to MBK/ J Records in 2009, Elle’s debut single Only Wanna Give it To You, released in August last year and featuring Hip Hop’s smoothest rapper, J.Cole peaked at number 20 on the American Billborad R&B and Hip-Hop Songs chart.  Fast forward to 2012, with Elle’s fresh debut album ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ released on the 16th July –   A soulful, musical confabulation worth believing – which takes you back to a time when real, good music – was just an amazing voice coupled with a sweet melody – minus the  overtly sexy, ‘poppyshow‘ visual styling of  the haphazard singers that sadly dominate today’s pop music industry. On the plus side, Elle certainly stands steadfast with an alluring aura of natural beauty and sassiness, so do not expect any salacious imagery here – It is strictly music at its dolled up best.

Elle at this years BET Awards in America

Elle at this years BET Awards in America

The fashionably, stylish songstress, who gained strength and overcame the ‘haters’ throughout her adolescent years, now writes and sings songs that brings it back to how women feel and filling us with much food for thought –  Take Elle’s single Refill , where she so eloquently sings about an issue that most women can relate to –  “I feel like the girl at the bar that’s been there too long Can’t stand up! I should be gone but I just can’t get enough, yeah!” . 

When asked about the nature of the album, Perfectly Imperfect, the soulful singer said, “There’s a lot of color, a lot of range. There’s fun songs, emotional songs, deep songs, everything you could think about is on that album.” –  The ‘Posh’ one thinks Elle is perfectly right – with her stylish, soulful demeanour, pertinent lyrics and catchy hooks – I think you too will be hooked.

Elle Varner in her “Only Wanna Give it To You” music Video”

Elle Varner in her “Only Wanna Give it To You” Music Video”

Have a listen below to Elle’s new single, I Don’t Care –  the third single from her debut album, released on the 17 July; her debut smasher, Only Wanna Give it To You and the very filling, Refill– Enjoy.

Elle Varner Perfectly Imperfect Debut Album


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