Olympic 2012 Games Begin


Today the world will observe history in the making at the opening ceremony to kick off the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the wait is over and the countdown is up . Since London was selected as the Olympic 2012 host city in Singapore on the 6th July 2005,  at the  117th International Olympic Comittee Session – The world has been waiting in great anticipation for what should be the most spectacular event ever hosted by the Capital.

London is the first city to officially host the modern Olympic Games three times, first in 1908 , then 1948 and now 2012. At precisely 8.12am this morning, bells rang out for three minutes across the UK to welcome the Olympic Games and tonight at 9pm London opens its stadium doors to welcome a world audience and deliver and event that, “lifts up the world”. Whilst visiting the Olympic Park,  Britain’s MP David Cameron stated, that the:

“Seven years of waiting, planning, building and dreaming are almost over. We want this to be the Games that lifts up a city, that lifts up our country and that lifts up our world, bringing people together.”  Cameron went on to add:

“This is a time of some economic difficulty for the UK but look at what we are capable of achieving as a nation even at a difficult economic time.This is not a London Games, this is not an England Games, this a United Kingdom Games. Let’s put our best foot forward. We are an amazing country with fantastic things to offer. This is a great moment for us, let’s seize it.”

The £9 billion cost of  the London 2012 Olympic Games is now said to be beyond us, as the party spirit got into full swing last night. Starting with a concert at London’s Hyde Park which saw a mass of up to 40,000 people in attendance to see  the overnight cauldron being lit. Many thousands of eager spectators lined the capital’s streets to see the torch relay on its biggest day thus far – whilst it  passed key landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and the City.

In recent nights the radiant burst of  colourful hues and illuminated lights have filled the night sky around the stadium in London’s, Stratford City as London prepares to show the world itself,  in all its colourful glory.

The London 2012 opening ceremony coupled with the Games to follow is set to be the most spectacular event of the century – So, on your marks, get set and go London 2012. I can not wait!


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