Posh Yardie with Supreme 99.8 FM

Posh Yardie with Supreme 98.8 FM DJ Goody Goodie Goodgroove (Left) and DJ Frisky at XLJ in Camberwell

On Saturday, the ‘Posh’ one joined  DJ Goodie Goodgroove and Frisky from Supreme 99.8 FM  for a special broadcast for Digicel, which took place at the XLJ shop in Camberwell, South London.

On the hottest day thus far this year, Dj Goodie Goodgroove churned out a succession of grooves that kept us cool amidst the stifling heat that beat down on us like a cascading waterfall. The day involved engaging in promotional work outside the shop as passers-by danced in the street and in their cars as Dj Goodie’s good grooves were simply too good to avoid succumbing to some head-bopping or a two-step or few. In my humble opinion, there is certainly no better way to work than with a great selection of hot tunes to keep you cool throughout the day –  Simply blissful.

The Fashion With Supreme 99.8 FM

Posh Yardie at XLJ with Supreme 98.8 FM and Digicel

Top – Zara Was £17.99 On Sale for £7.99

Leather Trousers – H & M Was £14.99 On Sale for £7

Shoes  – River Island Was £69.99 On Sale for £20

Earrings – Primark Was £1.99 On Sale for £1

Necklace – Primark Was £3.99 On Sale for £2

Bracelet – Primark Was £2 On Sale for £1

Ring – Primark Was £2 On Sale for £1


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