Colourful People Art by Ambersley

‘Exhale’ by Marisa Ambersley

The great philosopher Aristotle once said “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”, and never has a truer word been more apt to describe the art that is created by the young and exceptionally talented 27 year-old Marisa Ambersley from East London.

Ambersely is an offspring of Carribean parents, born in London and raised for most of her childhood in Brooklyn and Chicago in the USA. The artist was inspired by the colour and energy of the diverse communities she grew up in and such was the influence of these varying cosmopolitan cities, that  from a young age Ambersley channelled her yearning for self expression and creativity through drawing and painting.

‘See’ By Marisa Ambersley

However, after studying Art and Media in college, Ambersley went on to pursue a degree in Journalism to further her interest in creativity and media communications at the University of the Arts London. After developing her career in media, Ambersley found herself being led back to her true passion of artistic expression, and as a renewed artist she has created a spellbinding collection entitled Colourful People.

‘Believe’ by Marisa Ambersley

Ambersley was influenced heavily by her interest in modern culture, people and public art, which has taken her to many parts of the world including East Africa, Asia, North America and the Caribbean, to explore the cultural artistic differences in communities. These experiences have shaped Ambersley’s perceptions of modern art and expressionism.

‘Love’ Part 2 by Marisa Ambersley

‘Love’ Part 2 by Marisa Ambersley

Ambersley will be exhibiting, Colourful People, at the Lounge Bar in  Brixton South London,  from 9th October-11th November 2012. Showcasing her original abstract portraits where expression and emotion is at its core. The ‘eyes’ of the portraits represent the depth, truth and soul of the various characters, acting as the focal point of her paintings. Each portrait carries a different meaning, expression, action or emotion, for example Love, Believe, See, Play, Focus, and Exhale.

Ambersley’s artistic approach is a bold, colourful, and meaningful depiction of humanity, offering depth and exploration of the modern multicultural world we live in.

For more images of Ambersley’s artwork, have a look at the artist’s website here

Colourful People Exhibition


9th October-11th November

Lounge Bar

58 Atlantic Road

Brixton, London.




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